Feel great in your body again.

Many of our daily movements create a hyper (high) pressure situation in our core.  This can lead to incontinence (peeing while you run, jump, or sneeze, not making it to the washroom in time), painful sex, aching lower and upper back, a pooching pregnant looking tummy that will not go away, and heaviness and bulging in pelvic area. 

None of these are normal.  Common maybe, but not normal.  Having a 'ruined' body is NOT a rite of passage into motherhood.  

Specific postural sequences, alignment changes and breathing practices can make a big difference with these all too common "mom problems".  Learn how to create hypo (low) pressure in your core to balance and counteract the hyper pressure it handles all day long.  The deep core muscles have a big role in creating a flatter stomach, stronger core and healthy pelvic floor.  Trade out those crunches and sit-ups for exercises that will actually get the results you want!

For more information on some of the specialized training that I can offer for your core and pelvic floor, please see http://hypopressivescanada.com/.  





What do you get? 

This training will help you to learn all about your core, pelvic floor and what these parts of your body need to function well.  

  • Pre-screening for history related to prolapse, incontinence, and diastasis recti
  • Core function and synergy teaching and practice
  • Breathing strategy analysis and coaching
  • Alignment analysis in standing, sitting and laying
  • Strengthening program for weakness, geared towards core, breathing and alignment issues
  • Release work for tight problem areas
  • Analysis of nutrition and potential changes that can improve healing and recover




Individual training

The purchase of sessions includes your individualized consultation with complete movement, breathing, and alignment analysis.   

  • $87 for a private consultation (1 hour)
  • $37 per follow up sessions (30 mins)

The best exercise program is one that you can do because it fits into YOUR life.  Feel free to bring your children with you to your sessions.  

Can also be done in partners/small groups.  Contact info@corelove.ca for details.  


"Kaye!  I woke up and felt something in my core that I have never felt before.  Ever."  

It wasn't pain or the same muscle pain I was used to after a hard "ab" day, but something different.  Something like feeling like my whole foundation was built a little bit stronger today than it was yesterday.  That I was a little more hugged in the right places and that my body and organs and bones had more support.  I feel really encouraged that you found way to target my weaknesses and imbalances and that I'm on the right path today.- T.S.

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