Do better than "bounce back" 

There are a lot of trainers and programs to help you be "all belly" in pregnancy and "bounce back" after pregnancy.  You deserve more.  Your pregnant body is so much more than a belly.  The postpartum body doesn't need to ever go back to anything- look forward to the new changes and abilities of your mom bod!  

When you decide you want to commit to feeling your best, we start with an intensive and individualized consult to really understand what you body has been through, where your body is right now, and where you want to take it.  We will analyze your daily life and how your hormones, core muscles, pelvic floor muscles, movement patterns and stress levels are all contributing to how you feel in your body.  This will ensure you are on track to make the changes you desire.    

The mother is the centre of most families.  If she is not functioning at her best, neither is her family.  Take the time you need to make sure you are at your best and can give your all to your family.   


What do you get? 

This training is completely developed around YOUR body.  Includes assessment and coaching of:

  • Pre-screening for common problems in mothers including prolapse, incontinence, and diastasis recti
  • Core function and synergy
  • Breathing strategy
  • Alignment in standing, sitting and laying
  • Nutrition and eating habits
  • Stress levels and management strategies
  • Movement patterns
  • Strengthening program for weakness, geared towards the movements you do daily
  • Release work for tight problem areas
  • Consideration of your hormones and how they may be affecting your body and how you feel in it



Individual Training  

  • $72 / session
  • $67 / session (when purchased  in package of 5)
  • $62 / session (when purchased in package of 10) 

The best exercise program is one that you can do because it fits into YOUR life.  Feel free to bring your children with you to your sessions.  






"Post baby I found myself making excuses for not working out and eating right and this experience jumpstarted a more motivated momma!"

My first experience with Core Love was awesome!! Post baby I found myself making excuses for not working out and eating right and this experience jumpstarted a more motivated momma!  I learned many things about my body including post baby abdominal muscle issues and breathing improperly.  Working out with a fellow mom gave me the confidence I may have been lacking in myself.  I can now push myself to continue working out, even with baby in hand.  I'm starting to feel like the old me!  I really enjoyed the information provided in our discussions on eating, exercising and how our body handles stressors.  Overall, an excellent, well rounded program. 

— C.M.