A mother's body is unique.  

Her exercise program should be as well.

Protect your core and pelvic floor while you gain strength, energy, and learn how to truly feel great in your new body!   




Individual Training 

Completely individualized to you, your pregnancy and/or birth experience, your sleep, your nutrition, your stress and your lifestyle.     

Small Group Training

Work out with women who understand and motivate you!  Specialized to meet all fitness levels and stages of pregnancy/postpartum.   

MuTu® System

A proven online program to help moms get strong, heal their core, connect with their pelvic floor and feel confident about their mom bod. 



Incontinence, diastasis recti (pouching tummy), prolapse (bulging/pressure in vaginal area), back pain, hip pain.... all common symptoms that can be solved.


Bottom line: I learned a lot! Kaye has helped me understand my own body